With a vast library of motion captured animations, we are able to give developers an edge in their development process by offering packaged animation assets for sale. These high quality, motion captured assets add incredible value to projects by reducing development time and differentiating you from others through unique animations. We shoot and clean-up our data within Vicon’s Blade software. Once processed, we export the data as .FBX files to Autodesk’s Maya, where further tweaks are made if needed. After that the animations are exported to game engines for final testing. Our assets are compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine.

Yoga MoCap 01

Gestures MoCap 01

Gestures MoCap 02

Gestures MoCap 03

Dance MoCap 01

Dance MoCap 02

Dance MoCap 03

Dance MoCap 04

Dance MoCap 05

Dance MoCap 06

Dance MoCap Collection

Idle MoCap

Movement MoCap

Crouch & Prone MoCap

Cover Movement MoCap

Movement MoCap Collection

Interactions MoCap

Evasion MoCap

Reactions MoCap

Zombie MoCap

Spear MoCap 01

Spear MoCap 02

1H Weapons MoCap 01

1H Weapons MoCap 02

1H Weapons MoCap 03

1H Weapons MoCap Collection

2H Sword MoCap 01

2H Sword MoCap 02

Halberd MoCap

Heavy Weapons MoCap Collection

Fighting MoCap 01

Fighting MoCap 02