Motion Capture

Utilizing the industry leading Vicon motion capture system, our studio is able to capture a wide range of movements with utmost accuracy. Our T160 cameras can record up to 2000 frames per second and are able to operate in large and small volumes. The system records full frame motion (16 Megapixels) at 120 frames per second, allowing for accurate tracking of the finest detail in the subtlest movements. The system is also fully transportable, capable of adapting to the most unique shooting environments.

                   Full Body MoCap  Full Finger Capture  Facial Capture
                   Fully Transportable  MoCap Data Processing & Solving  Animation Re-targeting


For anything mocap can’t do, hand animation can. For projects requiring more unique and stylized aesthetics, our studio offers hand animation services (also known as keyframe animation). Our talented animators make use of industry standard software like Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max to bring all sorts of 3D characters and environments to life. We can fill any part of your animation pipeline, from rigging to full blendshape integration. We’re here to make your development cycle easier!

                  Full Body Animation                                    Facial Animation                                            BlendShape Animation

                  Character Rigging                                        Animation Re-targeting                                Animation Blending


Lastly, for those in need of 3D characters, props, or environments, we offer 3D modeling services. Using a combination of 3D sculpting and modeling softwares, like Pixologic’s ZBrush and Autodesk’s Maya, our artists are capable of turning a range of polygons into breathtaking works of art. Additionally, we can fulfill all other parts of the 3D workflow, including everything from Concept Art to high quality Rendering.


                      Concept Art                                                       3D Sculpting                                                     Retopology

                      Character Modeling                                        Environmental Modeling                              Prop Modeling

                      UV Unwrapping                                                Texturing                                                           Rendering